Water is very precious for the living beings and scarcity of the same is gradually increasing. Most of the cities in the county and that of the world are facing this problem. This is one of the motivations for the current work and to deploy techniques in order to save water and help the environment which in turn ensures water for the future.

Hence, it is of utmost importance to preserve and save water. In many houses there exists unnecessary wastage of water due to overflow from overhead tanks etc. Automatic Water Level Controller can provide a solution to this problem. Present work does not use any microcontrollers etc. The operation of water level controller is based on the fact that water conducts electricity. As the water level rises or fall the sensing probes and circuits of the controller detect the same. These signals are used to switch ON or switch OFF the pump motor as per requirements.


Water level controller
Water level controller

Project Description: Automatic water level controller for both overhead and underground tank is designed to monitor the level of water in a tank. It displays the level of water and when it is at the lowest level; a pump is activated automatically to refill the tank. When the tank is filled to its maximum capacity, the pump is automatically de-energized. Several circuits are put together to ensure proper working of this design.

Contacts: Office Number is 09069169725 (or 07016180279) at No 3 Ije Avenue, Ebebe Junction, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state.

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